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*State law mandates that only specific people are allowed to witness an execution.

Eligible witnesses:

  • Immediate family members of the victim. They must be at least 18 years old.
  • The warden of the prison or the deputy warden.
  • The sheriff of the county where the crime was committed.
  • The offender's spiritual advisor or the prison chaplain.
  • The prison physician.
  • Attendants deemed necessary by the warden to carry out an execution.
  • Up to 7 members of the media selected in accordance with the guidelines promulgated by the Department of Correction.
  • The condemned offender's immediate family.
  • One defense counsel chosen by the offender.
  • 32 Insulated Flask Beer Oz Growler Hydro
  • The State Attorney General or designee.

Media Witness Policy 0420-3-4 (in pdf format)

Media Witness Application (in pdf format)

Important: Before being able to view a pdf file, you must download the Adobe Reader, version 4.0 or greater, by Adobe Acrobat. Simply click pdf reader Pink Shirt Saints New and follow instructions from the Adobe site.

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